A2 Hosting Review From a Real User


A2 Hosting Review:  From A Real User

Hello, I want to do a review of A2 hosting. There’s, lots of different hosting providers out there. If you need hosting for your website and they can vary quite a bit as far as what they offer: their pricing, their security, their speed, their support, etc, and so today I want to talk about A2 hosting, and I personally use A2 hosting for my websites.

My own websites, as well as for hosting for a lot of websites I do for clients, and so I know, A2 hosting – I’ve, used them and feel pretty confident, and I know what I’m talking about when I share with you about A2 Hosting, so there’s, several things.

A2 Hosting Review:  Speed

There are several things that I really like about A2 Hosting.  Number one: They do have really good speed. It’s very important that your website loads quickly. There’s been different, independent speed tests done on many different hosting companies, and A2 has always rated either at the top or very near the top, and typically they do very well. They talk about fast website hosting, up to 20 times faster, and they can offer that type of speed, because they do a couple different things that make them unique.

They do have a turbo service, which is an optional add-on. For example, if you go onto their shared hosting options, one of the things you’ll see is that you can either get either basic package (i.e. “Start Up”), or you can get one of their faster options (“Drive”, “Turbo”, or “Turbo Max”).

But if you want the extra speed, then that’s, the the Turbo and Turbo Max plans. What they do on Turbo is they have limited clients on Turbo. So with regular, shared hosting, there are several clients all on the same server, and so depending what those other clients are doing can affect your speed.

It could affect you much less with the A2 Hosting Turbo plan. They have far fewer clients on that server, and so there’s much, much less chance that what those other people are doing will affect you.

So that’s one of the things that they do, that really helps with their speed, and then the other is they have some unique things set up, especially if you’re using WordPress, or some of these other Joomla or Drupal site buildes, where they optimize it.  Like with WordPress, they have a plugin that optimizes WordPress through caching, and some other things to speed it up, and so they really do have fast web hosting, which is very important.

A2 Hosting Review:  Security

The other great thing they have is really good security. So, again, I mostly work with WordPress. So when you typically upload WordPress, you log in at the extension wp-admin when you set up WordPress.

With A2 Hosting, they will automatically redirect that login URL, and so it’s essentially a hidden URL. So hackers, especially through the use of bots, they’re not looking for that. The bots are looking for the standard wp-admin URL, so the bots are not going to find it.

A2 Hosting has a CAPTCHA on the WordPress login, so you put in your username, you put in your password, then right below that there is a captcha that you have to do also, so just another layer of security.

They also do some other things that set them apart with security.  They offer security features for free, that other hosting providers do offer, but that you either have to manage yourself or pay extra for with the other hosting providers.

You don’t pay extra for those additional security features with A2 Hosting, and they take care of it for you, so you don’t need to manage them, so that’s another thing I really love about A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting Review:  Support

The last thing that I think really stands out about A2 Hosting is their support.

A2 Hosting, the name comes from Ann Arbor. Because they’re based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, so AA (A2) Hosting, so they are US based.   It’s all US-based support you get.

A2 also provides free SSL certificates. A lot of hosts will charge for that, as I’ve been with some hosting companies will charge up to $100 for an SSL certificate, and you have to pay that hundred dollars every year, but you get free SSL certificates with A2 Hosting.

Also, with A2 Hosting you get 24/7 support, so doesn’t matter what time of day it is, you can get in touch with somebody. They have different ways you can get in touch with them.

You can call them, do live chat, email, or enter a support ticket online. Now I’ve done all of these things. The live chat is probably my favorite, because usually it’s a short queue. You might be the first, second, or third person in line, but they usually get to you pretty quick, and then pretty much every time, almost every single time, they fixed the issue on the live chat.

A2 Hosting Review:  Conclusion

So if you’re looking at a getting a new hosting company, then I would definitely encourage you to look at A2 Hosting now.

I can make an affiliate commission if you buy through my link, however, it doesn’t cost you anything more. But, if you found this review helpful, then I’d appreciate if you wouldn’t mind making a purchase through my link, but if you decide to go with A2 now, they do have different hosting options, which you probably are familiar with.

Shared hosting is the most common, and that’s probably all you need.  That’s what most people will need.  WordPress hosting is an option if you’re running WordPress sites, and that may be something to think about, however, it is a little more expensive.

They do have some VPS hosting options, but they will be more expensive, but you’re going to be responsible for doing a lot more with managing the hosting server.

If you plan to sell hosting to other people, you could get reseller hosting through A2.  If you need dedicated hosting server, you certainly can get dedicated hosting through them.

With A2 Hosting, you can see the pricing for shared hosting, which is perfectly fine for most people, starts at just under $3 a month.

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