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A2 Hosting Review:  Done By a Real User

A2 hosting promises 20x more speed, 99.9% uptime and round-the-clock support. Do they live up to that? I’m Sunday, and in this video, I’ll be giving you an unbiased review of A2 hosting. Ready? let’s get started.

A2 Hosting Review:  Speed Claims

Is A2 hosting as fast as they claim? Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what top web hosting reviews website and industry leaders have to say. hostingfacts.com – a popular web hosting reviews website whose mission is to hold web hosting companies accountable says they are the fastest shared hosting provider we’ve tested and they’ve been the fastest for several years now.

hostingfacts.com has tested most of the top web hosting companies on the net. whoishostingthis.com, another popular web hosting review website that has been around since 2007 says A2 hosting is an outstanding choice for speed.

QuickSprout concludes that if you’re looking for a reliable web hosting provider look no further than A2 hosting. They further add that A2 hosting delivers strong uptime rates and great customer service.

They conclude “when it comes to speed, A2 hosting is second to nobody.” A2 hosting is extremely fast but there’s actually been no proof that they actually twenty times faster than the competition like they claim.

A2 Hosting Review: Uptime Performance

Enough about speed, How about uptime? a review on bitcapcha.com shows that some servers on A2 hosting actually, maintain up to 100% uptime. While others have 99.9% uptime just as they claim. PC Mac a popular technology news website says A2 hosting has excellent uptime.

hostingmanual.net another popular web hosting review website says A2 hosting uptime is incredible and load times are ridiculously fast, close to instantaneous in many cases.

A2 hosting is quite transparent about their server status and even make this information available on a2status.com On the site you can see server issue currently being experienced on A2 hosting and if they’ve been resolved or not and how long it took. Just visit a2status.com

A2 Hosting Review:  Types of Hosting Offered

A2 hosting offers five different types of hosting.

They are shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated hosting. if you’re just looking to put up a couple of sites, the shared hosting or the WordPress hosting is what you need.

Talking about WordPress hosting, it does not mean that if you’re hosting a WordPress website it has to be on the WordPress hosting plan. A2 actually has two types of WordPress hosting. Shared WordPress hosting and Managed WordPress hosting and the shared WordPress hosting plan is actually the same thing with this their shared hosting plan.

Don’t worry, we’ll talk more about that later. Let’s take a look at their shared hosting plan for now. Let’s quickly compare their shared hosting plan. The STARTUP plan allows you to host just one website gives you 100 GB of storage for your website and emails.

Gives you free site migration. That means if you’re moving from another host to a2 hosting, A2 is going to help you move over your website and emails for free. The DRIVE plan allows you to host unlimited website gives you unlimited storage and also support free site migration and free automatic backups.

That means A2 hosting is going to regularly backup your website files and emails so you don’t ever lose them. The TURBO BOOST which happens to be their most popular plan allows you to host unlimited website, gives you unlimited nvme storage which is a better type of storage when compared to SSD.

It also gives you free site migration, free automatic backups and according to A2 hosting is 20x times faster than this other plans. Their TURBO MAX which is their highest and their most expensive shared hosting plan allows you to host unlimited websites, gives you unlimited nvme storage, free and easy site migration, free automatic backups and… it’s also 20 times faster and gives you 5x more resources than the other plans.

The good thing about all of A2 plans is that they all come with unlimited email accounts, they support unlimited bandwidth transfer, and they give you access to A2 hosting round-the-clock support which is available via phone, live chat and email and most importantly, they come with cPanel which is the industry’s number one web hosting control panel which gives you tons of features and allows you to easily manage your web hosting resources.

They also come with free SSL certificate which makes your website secured and they come with free Cloudflare flare CDN which adds extra speed to your website. They come with free website builder even though you may not have a need for it.

They also support website staging which I will cover in a later video and… they allow you to choose your data center. The thing is the closest your data center is to your website users, the faster your website loads and A2 has data centers across different parts of the globe and they allow you to choose the one that is nearest to your website visitors.

If you want to host a WordPress site, you can’t go wrong with A2 hosting Top WordPress companies such as Yoast, creators of the popular Yoast SEO plugin used by more than 5 million WordPress websites.

Themeisle the popular premium themes website and Elementor WordPress no.1 page builder all recommend A2 hosting. In fact, elementor is in partnership with A2 hosting to provide fast and secured web hosting to users of its page builder.

Yes..! Elementor recommends A2 hosting for speed and security. A2 offers two types of WordPress hosting: shared WordPress and managed WordPress. The shared WordPress hosting is what I recommend and to shock you, the shared WordPress hosting is actually the same thing with their shared hosting plan.

Yes, that’s right. A2 shared hosting is the same thing as their shared WordPress hosting. The pricing is the same and the resources offered is also exactly the same. A2 has what they describe as a managed WordPress hosting but I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone.

I’d advice you stick with either the shared WordPress hosting or the shared hosting plan and that’s because the managed WordPress hosting is just expensive but at the same time gives you less resources.

For instance the 1-SITE plan which starts at $11.99 gives you just 10GB of storage, the 3-SITES plan gives you just 25 GB of storage and the unlimited plan gives you a maximum of 40 GB of storage another downside is that the managed WordPress hosting does not come with Cpanel.

Instead, it comes with the Plesk control panel which is another web hosting control panel but when compared to Cpanel is actually quite unpopular and most web hosting tutorials you’ll be watching across the net are actually done using cpanel.

Cpanel gives you tons of features like subdomain, unlimited emails and a whole lot. So that this uses Plesk instead of Cpanel is a great turn off and I feel you shouldn’t subscribe to the managed WordPress hosting.

Instead stick with either the shared WordPress hosting or the shared hosting plan. They are both optimized for WordPress and hey like I mentioned earlier A2 has a WordPress optimized instance that runs really fast.

Does A2 hosting offer free trial? not a full trial. What they offer is a 30 day money-back guarantee and anytime prorated money-back guarantee. Sounds confusing? Let me explain. A 30 days money-back guarantee simply means if you sign up for a plan on A2 hosting and decide to cancel within 30 days, they will give you your full money back no question asked.

However, if you’re cancelling your plan after 30 days they’re giving you a partial refund. What that means is that if you sign up for a year hosting plan and decide to cancel after 6 months, since you have used 6 months of hosting A2 hosting is only going to refund you for the remaining six months.

I think that’s a great deal! Is A2 hosting as fast and reliable as they say? It turns out they are. Personally, I use A2 hosting for every new websites that I build. Should you use A2 hosting? Well, if you’re big on speed like I am then you definitely should! you should know that Google has stated that website speed is a major ranking factor.

factor. However, if you’re more concerned about price and you’re looking for a cheap hosting plan then A2 hosting may not be the right choice for you as they don’t exactly have the cheapest hosting plans.

Talking about price, I’ve put a link to A2 hosting that gives you about 63% discount on their hosting plans. You should definitely check it out! if you’re new to the world of web hosting and web design, not to worry, in my subsequent video on A2 hosting I will be showing you how to buy hosting and domain name from A2 hosting.

I’ll also be showing you how to install WordPress and build a fully functional WordPress website and I’ll go ahead and show you how to create a professional email for your website such as info@yourwebsite.

com. So go ahead and subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the bell icon so you will be notified when I upload new videos on A2 hosting and WordPress. If you find this review helpful, go ahead and like it and share with your friends.

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