A2 Hosting Review – As Fast as they Say?



A2 Hosting Review:  As Fast As They Say?

Reviews just like this one that are unbiased, and not sponsored at all, so let’s get into the honest, unbiased, A2 Hosting review. So first thing we want to discuss is pricing for A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting Review:  Pricing

Is it a good price? Does it have good pricing for the features? Well, the overall price is kind of standard. Admittedly, their Turbo plan is pretty cheap, for being the premium option.

The A2 Turbo and Turbo Max are supposed to be extra fast. So what about some of the other things? We do get a free, SSL certificate, which I’ll, discuss a little bit more on the security section.

We do get some free email accounts as well, which is cool. You do get free site migration, which is really nice; not every web host provides that. You do have unlimited storage options for most of these things.

Web host providers will limit your SSD storage, especially on the basic plans, however, A2 Hosting doesn’t.

Here with A2 Hosting, we have unlimited SSD, free site migration, and the price is good overall as well. One super important thing, however, is that A2 Hosting does use renewable pricing, which means that after the first year, the discount pricing that you see on the website will not continue.

So you are going to end up paying more later on, and the site’s not super clear about that on the main pricing pages.  That’s definitely something I look for, and pricing is that there is consumer transparency like that and other some other web host providers, not everyone.

Most of them use renewable pricing, which is a very consumer friendly, but some do not have renewable pricing.

So let’s, go ahead and move into the next category, so A2 Hosting has some pretty cool features as it has a free website builder, free Cloudflare CDN, and a one-click software set up.

Overall, it gives you everything you need for most of the popular website needs you may have. You know, WordPress, compatibility and stuff like that.

Additionally, A2 Hosting has cloud hosting, which I really like, as A2 has a lot of hosting options. You can see that on the website you can pick from cloud hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server, reseller hosting; so lots of options for everyone.

A2 Hosting Review:  Security Features

A2 Hosting does provide a free malware scanner. Not every hosting provider gives you a free malware scanner.

Now it’s, not malware protection, per se, because it won’t things from getting on your website. However, it can remove stuff, and every plan does come with what they call perpetual security initiative, which is a bundle of services at no extra cost to you (many other hosting providers charge for this).

It includes this security on every hosting plan, and it is like a software extension on the Linux servers that update the security every day of the service, without a need for a reboot. Basically, it kind of that the servers are protected against the latest threats.

So, overall, not bad in terms of security.  We also really like how they provide a free SSL certificate, as not every web host does that.

A2 Hosting Review:  Support

A2 Hosting support is pretty good, sometimes just a little bit slow with tickets, but the chat works pretty good.

Perhaps support tickets could be a little bit quicker, but live chat overall is pretty decent.

A2 Hosting Review:  Speed Claims

Another thing we want to talk about is speeds.

This isn’t the biggest section of the review, because most of the big web host providers have pretty good stability and speeds.

I do want to make a special mention for A2 Hosting here, in that they are extremely fast, especially if you pick the Turbo option.

If you check out almost any A2 Hosting review, one common theme you’ll find with A2 Hosting is that it’s extremely fast, and I can verify that in my own testimony web sites using this web host. That is extremely true. It’s a very fast web host and the uptime is also good as well.

A2 Hosting Review:  Conclusion

Overall, the final score is 4 out of 5 stars for A2 Hosting, as they get some really good points for speed, really good features. Support is pretty good and it’s pricing and security are pretty good as well, but there is some room for improvements, as I discussed already.

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